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Saturday, October 26, 2019 

9am - 5pm

If you thought last year was awesome, hold on to your hats! This year will be bigger and better in every way. The event will take place at the Texas Early Days Tractor and Engine Association Show Grounds in Temple, TX (at 1717 Eberhardt Rd). Covering 58 acres of history, it’s the perfect location to celebrate old skills brought back to life… blacksmithing, woodworking, campfire cooking, metal casting, welding, printing press operation, pottery, leathercrafting, antique tool restoration and operation, hundreds of operational antique tractors, engines, and equipment, beekeeping, and so much more! 

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featured at the fest

live recording-fitzall podcast

Join hosts, Jimmy, Eric, and Andrew for a live recording of the fitZall Podcast, a show about antique/vintage tools and the people who love them, as they discuss their experiences finding and using specific tools, the stories surrounding them, picking, history, and restoration. 

blacksmithing demonstration

Watch Forged in Fire Champion, professional blacksmith, and author, Liam Hoffman demonstrate the artisan blacksmithing techniques he uses to create legacy tools, axes, and knives handmade to be passed down generation to generation.

Tig/gtaw welding class

Join Jim Bollinger from DoRite Fabrication for an in-depth instructional presentation on TIG welding.  Get there early! Last year this class was standing room only.

Blacksmithing class

Join professional blacksmith Roy Adams from Christ Centered Ironworks for an instructional presentation on blacksmithing. Specializing in hand forged home decor and sculpture, his ornamental ironwork combines beauty with function. 

beekeeping & honey extraction

Join Blake Kirby from Daddykirbs Farm for an instructional presentation on the methods of beekeeping, honey extraction, and beeswax processing he utilizes on his homestead.

pottery throwing

Get your hands dirty with Tommy Holton, Visual Arts Department Chair, Temple College as he leads an interactive demonstration of pottery throwing and carving, with instructional guidance on the techniques he uses to create one of kind ceramics. 

squares demonstration

Join Jason Marburger, creator of the Fireball Tool Square as he demonstrates his proprietary techniques and tips for welding and fabricating for both in the shop and in the field.

Machining presentation

Learn how to operate a mill with Quinn from Blondihacks, as she breaks down the process in a presentation she calls, "Getting to First Chips" designed for first-time machinists but enjoyable for all. 

iron casting presentation

Join Clarke Easterling from Windy Hill Foundry and step back in time to the foundries of old, as he teaches tips, tricks, and techniques while casting an iron anvil. 


Join Tyler Newberry from Nice Custom Goods for a hands-on leather-working class, brought to you by Rocky Mountain Leather Supply. 

Metrology class

James Kilroy and Shars team up to teach and test your metrology skills.  This is a great opportunity to learn proper machining measuring techniques with tips and tricks from the masters. 

Heavy equipment Operation

Get hands-on experience in the driver's seat of some heavy equipment with Extreme Sandbox...that's right, you can actually drive an excavator! 

live go-kart build

Watch throughout the day as Ray Caniglia from Ray's Garage and Stephen Cox build a Go Kart from the ground up. At the end of the day, this one-of-a-kind Go Kart will be auctioned off for charity. 

stick welding is breaking out the Lincoln Ranger and showing you what it takes to weld in the wild.

making award winning bbq

Join pit masters Aim'em and Claim'em Smokers and Tha Dawgfather BBQ for an instructional demonstration on how to cut, trim, and cook brisket and prepare Texas style barbeque. 

Advance Machining techniques

Join Steve from Solid Rock Machine Shop and learn how to make your own tools to aid in the machining process. 

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